If you’re like me, you’re busy, and can always use a little bit of extra money in your pocket and your bank account. You also realize that exercise is an essential part of your life, and you need to do it to stay healthy, keep up your energy, and strengthen your immune system. Unfortunately, it can cost you some time and money to work out.

I found some ways to make a few bucks while getting a great workout in, defraying the cost of any exercise equipment and putting a few extra greenbacks in your pocket.

Cardio: bicycle Doordash or Postmates, or on-foot Postmates.

Sign up for Doordash (referral link: https://drd.sh/Eq8BJ2/). If you have a decent bicycle and are close to an urban area with bicycle-friendly streets, all you need to do is put the bag on your handlebars and let the deliveries roll. Generally, you can pull upwards of $20/hour, often significantly more if you pick a busy time with “peak pay” bonuses, a holiday, or a day with a bit of rain or drizzle (if you can stomach it). While you may have to wait around at restaurants, you’ll quickly figure out which restaurants “have it together” and the best times to do it in your area (generally lunch or dinner hour).

Unlike using a car, you won’t have expensive maintenance, gas, wear-and-tear, and insurance eating into your profit (which puts a lot of Doordash drivers in the red!).

It may also be worth checking out Postmates, which has both a bicycle option and an on-foot option for very busy cities.

Weights/other home workouts with frequent <1 min breaks: You’ll only earn ≤ $0.37 per workout with this one, but it’s better than nothing!

  1. Sign up for Swagbucks: link (this is a platform that lets you play videos, take surveys, etc. to earn a bit of extra cash).
  2. Complete all the videos on this reddit post. There are a bunch where you click (between sets), leave it open for 30 s or so, and you get one “SwagBuck” or $0.01, then start over between sets.

Bonus: Also run videos from https://hideout.co/ in the background — no constant clicking required (just a click every 3 h or so). The points can be cashed out to SwagBucks, or for even more points, cash them in on Gain.gg (this site also lets you convert them to cryptocurrency — a nice BlockChain Beast move!).

Conclusion: Use Doordash to get some cardio in, learn all the hot restaurants in town, and leave a smile on hungry people’s faces, and hit a few Swagbucks videos between sets when you’re lifting weights or doing body-weight exercises or something else at home that has frequent, short breaks. Next thing you know, you’ll add another “0” to your bank account!

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