Coming soon to Coinbase Pro!
  • Coinbase Pro is adding support for Sushi, MATIC, and SKL. They will go live for trading in a few days, once enough people deposit these coins on the exchange for them to have enough on-hand for trading (liquidity). These coins could pump significantly after trading opens, so buying them elsewhere beforehand could be a good move. However, all three are near all-time highs. Sushi was kind of a scam but has started to recover its reputation (it’s a token for SushiSwap, a decentralized DeFi exchange). The other two are ERC-20 tokens. Sushi can be bought on KuCoin, and the others on Uniswap, though MATIC is on Binance.US.
  • Ethereum has committed to EIP-1559 in July. This is a protocol change (hard fork). They are going to stop paying miners high gas fees, and instead start burning them to help deflate the currency. They will allow for miner “tips” to be added to transactions when submitted. This may not reduce fees, and could leave many miners seeking greener pastures, which could reduce security and make the network more vulnerable to 51% attack. Or, it may succeed. Who knows?
  • B20 is continuing to blow up and has nearly doubled since I first wrote about it. It’s a tokenized NFT exhibit (like an art museum).

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