Pestana’s Surgery Review, Ep. 1 – Trauma

Dr. Carlos Pestana is an Emeritus Professor of Surgery at UT San Antonio who has won over 40 teaching awards and prizes. He worked on the NBME’s Comprehensive Part II Committee in the 1990s and designed part of the Step 2 exam. He is famous for his books Fluids and Electrolytes in the Surgical Patient, and Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes, which is a very concise and high-yield review book.

Dr. Pestana recorded a series of podcasts that act as a companion to his notes. The episodes are hard to find, but are now being put out by Med School Beast to help students around the world learn about surgery. I found these very good for reviewing for the NBME Surgery Shelf and Step 2 exams, and they also made me a better student and improved my performance on the wards.