What do Pfizer/BioNTech side effects feel like? A log after getting the second shot.

I am a healthy male in my twenties with no medical conditions, and I have not (to my knowledge) been previously infected with SARS-CoV-2. Here’s my log after getting the second dose. I’m not here to editorialize or make recommendations, just sharing my experience of the side effects.

  • Starting 6 h post-shot: mildly sore arm, felt kind of weird, goofy, irritable.
  • 8 h post-shot: fell asleep early, but repeatedly woke up feeling pretty hot/feverish
  • 16 to 24 h post-shot: started feeling general sense of malaise. Not really hungry. 101.5 ºF fever despite ibuprofen. Had some chills but bundling up a bit felt better.
  • 36 h post-shot: another bad night of sleep – woke up about every hour with sweats/feeling hot/feverish. Vivid dreams.
  • 40 h post-shot: milder fever (100 ºF), sometimes feeling hot/sweats. Swollen/tender axillary lymph nodes on the side of the shot. Slightly achy feeling.
  • 48 h post-shot: took 500 mg acetaminophen + 200 mg ibuprofen. Fever subsided, feeling mostly better. Not sure if it’s fully run it’s course but I suspect that acetaminophen may work better and is also a good combo with ibuprofen.
  • 60 h post-shot: Slept better. Feeling mostly better, afebrile, no more need for ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Arm still slightly sore and some tenderness of axillary nodes.

Some of the sleep issues may be worse because I like to sleep on both of my sides, so I think I wake myself up if I roll onto my left arm which is sore.

Overall it’s been a 4/10 or 5/10 level of discomfort tops. Not the worst, but not a walk in the park either.

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